Google Business Profiles Add A New Recycling Attribute


This new attribute may help your business stand out from the competition in Google’s local search results

Recycling plays a crucial role in preserving the future of our planet – something people using Google recognize. “Recycling” has become one of the most popular search topics, and supporting eco-conscious brands is top of mind for the 82% of consumers who have deemed sustainability a top priority.

Recycling made simpler

Businesses across the world are stepping up when it comes to making recycling more accessible for their community, but until now, people looking to recycle locally have faced difficulties when identifying which stores recycle what and where.

To solve that problem, Google has introduced the new recycling attribute that merchants can add to their Business Profiles – making it easier than ever for people to find nearby recycling points on Search and Maps.

By adding the new recycling attribute to Business Profiles, local storefronts and shops can show the recycling services they offer in just a few clicks, whether for plastics, electronics or glass bottles. As a result, people looking for something like “battery recycling near me” can more easily pinpoint local businesses on Search with the in-store recycling they need. Adding this information to the Business Profile, ultimately, can help these businesses to stand out.

Altering hems and habits: R:evolve Recycle

One business that is already using the attribute is R:evolve Recycle, a clothing swap shop in Glasgow, Scotland. Back in 2015, a group of volunteers from South Lanarkshire, Scotland were inspired to open their first charity shop after hearing the sobering statistic that an estimated 350,000 tonnes of used clothes go to landfills in the UK each year. Today, customers at R:evolve Recycle can exchange their old clothes for previously donated items, making it easier for them to make more sustainable choices.

The R:evolve Recycle team has since opened two more stores in and around Glasgow. “People are responding positively to what we’re doing,” says Anne-Marie Clements, R:evolve’s volunteer development officer.

Recently, Anne-Marie updated R:evolve Recycle’s Business Profile on Google with the new recycling attribute, highlighting their business to more people actively looking for local fashion recycling services. Since opening its doors, R:evolve Recycle has prevented over 41,000 kilograms of clothes from going into landfills and saved an estimated 869.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide. ‘’Shoppers are starting to realize that you can’t just consume and then dump it somewhere else. They find us online, come into the shop and say ‘Okay, I get what you’re trying to do’, and for us that’s fantastic,” says Anne-Marie. “It really feels like we’re turning a corner and getting the next generation to think differently about the environmental impact their shopping habits can have.”