CX Firm Cyara Buys Chatbot Testing Specialist Botium


Automated customer experience (CX) solutions specialist Cyara has acquired Botium, which provides a platform for testing and monitoring the performance of chatbots and conversational artificial intelligence.

Botium is based in Vienna, Austria. Its flagship Botium Box suite simulates the typical behavior of real humans interacting with conversational AI and offers multiple test types to enable the analysis of chatbots from various perspectives. The solution offers a conversation crawler to generate regression tests, an AI model downloader to start natural language understanding testing (NLU), a paraphraser and other linguistic algorithms to augment test data, and voice and translation wizards; and it supports testing of more than 40 chatbot technologies and NLP engines.

Alok Kulkarni, CEO, Cyara says the acquisition adds chatbot and conversational AI testing capabilities to his firm’s portfolio, bolstering its automated CX assurance capabilities across digital channels while expanding its international presence to Central Europe. The deal is part of Cyara’s plan for international growth and product innovation, supported by its recent $350 million growth investment.

Christoph Börner, co-founder and CEO of Botium, adds: “We see Cyara as a natural fit since it is a forward-looking company well-positioned to lead the digital CX assurance category. The Botium team is made up of talented developers and engineers, and joining Cyara’s team will give us additional resources to expand our efforts in developing innovative solutions for testing chatbots and conversational AI, as well as reaching a wider global customer base.”