Merchants Launches Cloud-based CX Platform Powered By Avaya


Merchants, a customer management partner specializing in the business process outsourcing industry (BPO), has partnered with Avaya to launch a cloud-based, multi-channel CX platform that will better enable local businesses to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.

The solution is built on Avaya OneCloud, an AI-powered total experience platform that enables businesses to compose the experiences they need at the moment.

To compete in today’s experience economy – where customers make purchases and brand decisions on how organizations make them feel – organizations must deliver a total experience. Creating a total experience challenges organizations to think about the entire customer and employee journey, requiring them to build strategy, technology capability, and innovation frameworks holistically. Developing an end-to-end experience is essential for organizations to deliver a total experience, which becomes the intersection of customer, employee, user, and multi-experience.

The collaboration between Merchants and Avaya will enable businesses to deliver a total experience to their customers through an all-inclusive, easy-to-manage, subscription-based service. This will help them roll out new services faster at a significantly reduced total cost of ownership and with a better return on investments.

Laurent Leclercq, Chief Technology Officer at Merchants, says: “Businesses are increasingly changing their approach to IT, seeking the benefits of cloud-based, subscription models that enable them to innovate quickly to keep up with changing customer demands. We are uniquely placed to serve that need through our partnership with Avaya. We can address challenges around the simplicity of expansion, the cost of perpetual licenses, and a business environment demanding quicker time to market for innovation at a more competitive price.”

Merchants will host a range of Avaya OneCloud portfolio solutions and make them available to businesses through a cloud-based subscription model, enabling organizations to purchase the capacity and services they require, as and when needed, without large upfront costs.

“The Avaya OneCloud solutions being delivered by Merchants will give businesses the flexibility and agility they require to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers and employees. They’ll be given access to the full Avaya OneCloud portfolio at prices that suit their needs while benefiting from the reliability and expertise that industry leaders such as Avaya and Merchants bring to the market,” says Brett Butler, MD: South Africa at Avaya.