Datonics and Atedra Release New CTV Data Offering


Digital data company Datonics and Atedra, a provider of digital advertising solutions, have partnered to release a new CTV data offering aimed at advertisers looking to reach audiences through streaming media.

The new CTV data within the Atedra platform provides advertisers with greater scale, improved accuracy, and an abundance of segments to power CTV ad campaigns.

This release follows Atedra’s addition of CTV and OTT streaming inventory to its platform, which is enabling omnichannel marketing strategies for brands. With the rise in consumption of streaming content, CTV and OTT have become increasingly important channels for brands. According to Statista, 61.25% of Canadian viewers watched subscription services, such as Netflix, Crave TV or Amazon Prime Video, between July 2020 and July 2021, and viewership is growing.

“The CTV and OTT environments are becoming more important to advertisers, who are looking to reach engaged audiences and reallocate ad spend from linear TV and radio,” said Pierre-Antoine Fradet, President and CEO, Atedra. “We are happy to partner with Datonics to enhance our CTV offering for advertisers and help them connect with audiences on this very important medium.”

Atedra advertisers and partners who leverage CTV data benefit from Datonics’ ability to match online data with scale and accuracy to household IP addresses. Datasets are linked to IP addresses for 110M households in North America. Proprietary technology tests daily against deterministic datasets to dynamically identify the most recent IP address. Each household is set with a unique identifier allowing advertisers to confidently target a stable audience.

“This is an important year for advertisers, as they ramp up their strategies and prepare for the loss of the third-party cookie. CTV as a channel is one of the least impacted by the changes, and its growth is even more reason for advertisers to become proficient in it,” said Michael Benedek, CEO, Datonics. “The new CTV data offering from Atedra is a great opportunity for brands to make their CTV campaigns smarter and more precise, as well as future proof their overall omnichannel strategies.”

Datonics data is built on 300+ million monthly users, aggregated from a network of online websites and best-in-class specialty data partners, includes 1,300 segments of search, intent, life-stage, behavioral, B2B, demographic, point-of-interest and past purchase segments. Datonics also offers an unlimited number of custom segments that can be built from keywords or location visits.