Deliverect Expands Its Marketplace To Include Virtual Brands


Deliverect, a global scale-up that simplifies digital orders for more than 25,000 locations across 40 markets, announced its Marketplace is expanding to include virtual brands.

With this virtual brands division, Deliverect Marketplace now seamlessly connects restaurants and dark kitchens to quality label virtual brand partners so they can deliver even more delicious offerings, ultimately building the best customer experience.

Deliverect Marketplace – which was previously known as its App Store – is a first-of-its-kind online ecosystem of food industry partners. It connects hospitality players such as stock management, kiosk, POS, order & pay, food delivery services, and now virtual brands, so restaurants can streamline costs and efficiencies, generate incoming leads, boost sales, etc.

“At Deliverect, we are committed to giving every restaurant and dark kitchen the best tools to thrive,” said Zhong Xu, Deliverect Co-founder and CEO. “We started by helping restaurants connect their delivery channels to their POS systems and are expanding to do so much more for the industry. For example, we listened to our Deliverect users who said they want more resources and more creative ways to deliver their meals to customers. With Deliverect Marketplace – and the platform’s new virtual brand partners – we’re putting these restaurants in touch with the best businesses to help them do that.”

How it works and virtual brands partners

Deliverect Marketplace is an industry aggregator of different virtual brand providers, all under one easy platform. Restaurants and dark kitchens will have access to nearly twenty – and counting – virtual brand offerings all through a few fingers swipes on the app.

A sampling of Deliverect Marketplace virtual brand partners include:

  • Lean Kitchen Network: Partners with kitchen owners to bring the exciting and innovative delivery brands, including Twisted burgers, Doritos Diner Nachos, and Rise & Heinz breakfast

  • Peckwater Brands: Helps restaurants make more money from food delivery – restaurants produce Peckwater brands, from their existing kitchen, for their local area. It doesn’t cost anything extra to work with Peckwater

  • Franklin Junction: An innovative ecommerce marketplace that allows any restaurant to become a Host Kitchen for another restaurant brand

  • Sessions: Works with the next-gen food founders to get their companies off the ground in incubator food halls before helping them to scale through digital licensing

  • The Cloud: This allows restaurants to turn their excess capacity into revenue. On average, restaurants experience an increase of 35% post joining the Cloud network, and in some instances, these restaurants get a 100% sales boost. The Cloud takes care of all the virtual brands’ marketing requirements, allowing the host kitchen to focus only on productions.

Hospitality personnel simply browse the virtual brands’ section of Deliverect Marketplace to communicate with, license and start working with the best virtual brand to make their business thrive. More virtual brand partners – including reusable packaging vendors – will be added to the marketplace shortly.

“Deliverect Marketplace calls to answer the demand in one of the most niche segments in the food and beverage sector, the virtual food brand industry, and we are excited to be one of the very first companies to join this new initiative,” said Georges Karam, Chief Executive Officer of The Cloud.

“It connects brand owners and kitchen/restaurant partners locally and, more importantly, on a global scale, creating broader opportunities for brands and restaurants to expand worldwide.”