Drift Deal Room To Streamline Collaboration Between Buyers And Sellers At Scale


Built for the customer, Drift’s digital sales room has the power to shorten sales cycles and reduce the number of sales touchpoints

Drift, the Conversation Cloud company, announced the launch of Drift Deal Room, which serves as a shared digital space to make buying for business easier. Consolidating shared content and conversations between both parties into a single place, Drift Deal Room modernizes how businesses sell – fostering collaboration between sellers and buyers at a time when B2B sales cycles are more complex than ever. Drift’s latest offering helps sales representatives navigate today’s intricate sales cycle by reducing the time between meetings, streamlining and enabling more flexible discussions between the two parties and decreasing the number of touchpoints per deal. For buyers, Drift Deal Room provides a VIP, customized experience that consolidates vital content and communication into a single place.

According to Gartner, the number of stakeholders involved in B2B deals has increased by over 30%, from an average of 5.4 decision-makers in 2015 to an average of six to 10 people in 2022. For buyers, purchasing software has become a full-time job as they navigate back-and-forth communication between sellers and internal stakeholders. At the same time, in the current macro environment, B2B sellers are under increasing pressure to deliver relevance and value — and do more, often with less, while separating themselves from the noise of competitors. Gartner found that sales reps have just 5% of a customer’s time throughout the entire buying journey.

Most deals require many emails, texts, meetings, and phone calls, with bits of information and collateral in each. The buyer must organize the information to evangelize to stakeholders before making a purchase decision. With Drift Deal Room, all of this important information is in one place, making the buyers’ work easier, faster, and more efficient, thereby allowing them to deliver better buying experiences across every stage of the customer lifecycle. Buyers can focus on gaining buy-in from internal stakeholders and accelerating procurement, not sifting through information.

“With buyers continuing to embrace digital and self-serve sales channels, organizations need to explore new ways to improve the online buying experience to generate sales,” said Kimen Warner, vice president of product management at Drift. “We built Drift Deal Room with the buyer’s experience in mind so that our customers can meet today’s buyers where they are and deliver a superior digital experience, ultimately edging out competitors and closing more deals faster.”

Drift Deal Room empowers sales representatives to provide every buyer with a customized, unique VIP experience. The all-in-one solution scales with businesses and has the power to:

  • Enable seamless collaboration between internal teams and entire buyer committees with a shared mutual action plan, allowing all parties to have conversations, share files and emails, manage action items, schedule meetings, chat live and more in one location.
  • Consolidate past conversations, meetings and files to create a single source of truth, so all stakeholders are on the same page.
  • Save time and minimize sales touch points.
  • Drive collaboration outside of scheduled calls to keep the momentum going during the “in-between steps” of deals.
  • Ensure seamless hand-offs between different stakeholders throughout a customer’s journey.
  • Increase visibility by giving the seller real-time alerts on who, what, and how buyers interact with your content throughout the journey to get a clear picture of deal activity and trajectory.