French Connection Completes Shopify Integration


Fashion retailer French Connection has successfully integrated its four Shopify Plus websites with its bespoke customer service and warehouse fulfillment solution using the BPA Platform

Working with its in-house team, the Shopify Plus agency and developers of Options, French Connection’s chosen BPA Platform partner performed an analysis of each system and produced a detailed functional specification.

Options had worked well for French Connection for many years, but the solution did not integrate with Shopify Plus. Options manage the management and fulfillment of orders received by the retailer’s ecommerce sites and subsequently feed into its ERP systems, so it was vital that the new sites were integrated into the same systems.

Vim Juneja, global head of IT, French Connection, said: “Replacing a successful, busy ecommerce site with new technology like Shopify was always going to be complex. Doing it for four busy sites could easily have become a multi-year project. However, using the BPA Platform enabled us to reduce this time and meet our deadlines.”