Genesys Unveils Customer Journeys For The Experience Era


At Xperience ‘22, Genesys announced an innovation that makes it possible for businesses to operationalize empathy for stronger relationships with their customers.

The company is expanding its existing orchestration capabilities with deeper customer journey analytics that enable businesses to become people-centric on a scale unrivaled.

Now with Genesys, businesses can evolve from seeing single interactions to visualizing end-to-end customer journeys across multiple channels in real-time for dynamic total experience awareness and control.

Consumers want their interactions with brands to be easy and on their terms. But most customer journeys are designed around business processes, not people.

Limited data, organizational silos and analytics that deliver weeks-old insights have led brands to become passive participants in the experiences they deliver. They’ve been along for the ride but have no real view or capability to make them better, leaving their customers feeling unseen and wanting more.

Now available to businesses using the Genesys Cloud CX and Genesys Multicloud CX platforms, the Pointillist Contact Centre Optimisation solution gives the industry a new way to measure, monitor and improve people’s journeys across the lifecycle.

Through the solution, Genesys is amplifying the insights available to businesses by helping them unlock data from any source so they can better visualize journeys and measure the impact of customer behavior on their outcomes.

Leveraging additional context about each customer’s current intent and prior experiences, service teams can better understand people’s goals and quickly spot and remove roadblocks getting in the way of great experiences within – and beyond – the contact center.

Total Experience Awareness and Control to Drive Customer Loyalty

With the solution, Genesys is giving businesses more visibility into customer behaviors driving operational KPIs for digital and voice channels. This enables companies to increase customer satisfaction while improving business metrics like first contact rate, self-service rate and cost to serve.

For example, a large broadcast and cable television company observed a lower Net Promoter Score and higher call-in rates for customers who suspended their mobile service through the website.

A deeper analysis using the solution revealed that customers could suspend – but not resume – mobile services using the website, resulting in higher call volumes. The company improved its self-service functionality to provide a more complete digital experience.

The journey analysis projected that 10,000 customers per month could restart their service effortlessly via the website without calling in for assistance, which would increase NPS for these customers by 7 points – and save more than $1 million annually.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the solution helps businesses rapidly identify meaningful changes in any customer journey by exposing anomalies, period-over-period changes and trend deviations as they happen.

When unusual operational patterns are detected, businesses are automatically notified so they can intervene with a more prescriptive and scalable solution before the problem becomes worse, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and better contact center performance.

This solution was made possible by the company’s acquisition of Pointillist last year, which enabled the expansion of its journey management capabilities to help businesses accelerate their delivery of advanced experience orchestration and extend its leadership in the Experience as a Service SM market.