Salesforce Announces Customer 360 Innovations Across Commerce And Marketing Clouds


Salesforce introduced new Customer 360 innovations that connect marketing, commerce, and service data on one platform so companies can connect, automate, and personalize every single interaction and build trusted relationships at scale.

“We are in a new world, where companies face mounting pressure to do more with less and navigate a challenging labor market, all while striving to meet consumers’ rising expectations. Changes in data privacy laws make it difficult to meet those expectations and deliver personalized experiences, and a cookie-less future is fast-approaching. Now is the time for companies to build a first-party data strategy that connects, automates and personalizes every single customer interaction across every channel, and the new innovations launching today help them achieve that.”

“A growing number of companies want to unify their data across marketing, commerce, and service so they can deliver truly connected customer experiences on any channel — in-store, via email, or when shopping on social media,” said Lidiane Jones, EVP & GM, Salesforce Digital Experiences. “These innovations help companies tap into the power of automation to focus on what matters most — driving productivity and building trusted relationships with customers.”

The next-gen Marketing and Commerce Clouds give organizations across industries new ways to deliver unique, connected experiences.

  • A manufacturer’s service agent can deliver a personalized experience by capturing shopper data signals in real-time during a service interaction, offering the right third-party products and services that accompany the appliances they own.
  • A healthcare insurance provider can drive productivity and revenue by delivering timely and relevant product recommendations in response to a customer’s survey answers.
  • A bank’s client manager can surface a client’s credit history, accounts, and previous customer service interactions from a single, unified profile and make recommendations for a new credit card-based or applicable promotions and the client’s financial needs.
  • A retailer can better connect with shoppers by identifying the products most appealing to each customer demographic and automatically syncing product catalogs with targeted social media ad campaigns that link to the retailer’s ecommerce site.

Feature Information:

The next generation of Marketing Cloud helps companies unlock customer value with data

Marketing Cloud makes it easy to humanize every interaction, making marketers more productive and efficient.

  • Triggered Campaign Messages: This feature brings together Marketing Cloud Personalization and Engagement for personalized, 1:1 customer engagement based on new product catalog and behavioral triggers. Organizations can now use trusted first-party data to understand customers’ preferred products and engage them directly when they are back in stock or on sale.
  • Digital Command Center for Slack: With Slack as the digital HQ, brands can increase productivity by monitoring activity and performance across Marketing and Commerce Cloud from one digital command center. This helps avoid lost revenue or increased opt-outs, empowering marketers to identify and resolve issues before they have a meaningful impact.
  • Google Ads and Salesforce Customer Data Platform: Now, brands can automatically connect their first-party data in a unified customer profile to more efficiently plan, activate, and optimize their marketing campaigns on Google Ads. This capability helps them deliver personalized campaigns using first-party data instead of cookies and, in the future, incorporate segment-level insights into the Customer Data Platform interface.
  • Intelligence Ecommerce Marketing Insights App: This app unifies a company’s commerce and marketing data and KPIs on a single platform, generating interactive dashboards with actionable insights.
  • Intelligence Connector for B2C Commerce Cloud: This connector combines orders and product data, unlocking insights into product, revenue, and sales performance over time. Businesses can now automate the heavy lift of integrating data and understand where to shift spend to increase ROI across channels, campaigns, and products. For example, marketers can now see, in real-time, the number of orders placed during a promotion or the top three products ordered by different customer demographics.
  • New AppExchange Partners for Marketing and Commerce: Salesforce announced new partners for Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Commerce Cloud on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace. These partnerships extend the power of Salesforce to drive efficiency, deliver highly personalized experiences, and build trusted customer relationships.

The next generation of Commerce Cloud turns every touchpoint into a revenue opportunity

Commerce Cloud brings a new approach to digital commerce, with innovations that make every transaction more profitable.

  • Social Integration for Commerce Cloud: Brands can now create TikTok ads that redirect to their commerce sites. Using Social Integration, businesses can create and automate product feeds, segment audiences, and publish ads while finding and targeting new audiences.
  • Commerce Marketplace: Brands can now quickly create, manage, and scale a marketplace solution on Commerce Cloud, extending their catalog range with products from other companies and reaching new channels and buyers. This can drive new revenue streams, including increasing cart sizes, commissions, and membership subscription fees from vendors.
  • NFT Cloud: Salesforce’s NFT Cloud pilot lets brands expand customer experiences to Web3 environments in a sustainable and trusted way. They can mint, manage, and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly on the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform and securely connect customer data to gain a 360-degree view across a customer’s physical and digital worlds.
  • Commerce for Customer Service: Service departments can transform into revenue drivers with new capabilities that give agents a complete view of order history across channels and the ability to issue returns, exchanges, promotions, or complete orders without transferring them to other departments. Digital engagement capabilities like bots complete orders faster and build loyalty through enhanced post-purchase service experiences.
  • Seamless Commerce: Businesses save time and money with all-in-one commerce, order management, and payments solution supported by partner services.