Home Depot Taps Aruba Platform To Power Customer, Associate Experiences


The Home Depot is deploying the Aruba ESP, via Hewlett Packard Enterprises’ GreenLake for Aruba networking to advance the customer and associate experience across US stores.

The technology effort is an expansion of the retailer’s partnership with Aruba in developing a solid network providing needed speed, scale and flexibility.

The advanced network capability is needed for enhancing the interconnect experience that blends digital and physical store experiences. In the first quarter of this year, more than 50% of online orders were fulfilled via a store.

“Our goal is to enable technology to remove the friction from our customers’ and associates’ experiences every day,” Daniel Grider, vice president of technology at The Home Depot, said in the release. “Our customers trust us to have the right tools and materials to complete their home improvement projects; having an in-store network that further supports interconnected capabilities like in-store navigation or image search allows them to get back to their projects more quickly.”

The network also enhances the store associate experience as strong connectivity allows associates to deliver a rewarding customer experience, according to the release. The retailer is providing associates with Zebra Technologies’ TC52ax handheld devices. The devices allow associates to check pricing and inventory availability in hand or from more than 40 feet away, which is helpful when serving customers and locating products in overhead storage.