NICE Launches CXone Summer 2022 Release


NICE launched the Summer 2022 release of CXone, adding capabilities that enhance journey orchestration and complete performance.

The new CXone capabilities enrich digital experiences, simplify integration with customer environments, and grow openness with mobile SDKs and integration options. With its new release, CXone is improving complete performance by putting digital and artificial intelligence at the helm, continuing its commitment to ubiquitous conversational self-service with faster, better, and smarter bots.

CXone offers intent-based intelligent virtual agents (IVA). With CXone’s SmartAssist fuelled with Enlighten XO conversational data, CXone IVAs can train themselves in days.

Innovations in journey orchestration are introduced in the new AI-driven supervisor workspace, ensuring supervisors have an end-to-end view, allowing supervisors to understand and manage omnichannel engagements across the experience center with real-time data across digital channels for a fully orchestrated journey management.

Friction is the underlying challenge businesses have in delivering exceptional CX today as consumer expectations for fast, convenient digital and self-service options continue to increase,” said Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE CXone, in a statement. “What we are delivering is the ability to remove friction from both a customer perspective and an operational perspective, resulting in transformational change to form stronger connections with customers while operating in a more agile model that empowers agents and other contact center resources to reach their full potential.”