Independent Grocers Add EBT SNAP Payments To eCommerce Offerings


Hitchcock’s Market in Florida and Dash’s Market in western New York join with eCommerce partners to accept benefits for online purchases.

Acceptance of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payments for online grocery purchases continues to grow, with independent retailers increasingly working with e-commerce solutions providers to bring the service to their customers receiving the USDA benefits.

Hitchcock’s Markets, a 12-store chain of supermarkets with locations throughout Florida, started offering online ordering by partnering with the eCommerce platform eGrowcery in 2019. Like most other grocery retailers, the company experienced a dramatic increase in demand for online groceries during the pandemic. While most shoppers could take advantage of the new technology, a segment could not because they relied on the SNAP program. Now, working with eGrowcery, Hitchcock’s can accept EBT SNAP payments online.

“Accepting EBT SNAP payments online is very important to us so all of our customers can access our free delivery and in-store pickup services,” said Giselle Alvarez, vice president of operations for Alachua, Fla.-based Hitchcock’s Markets. “Many customers rely on SNAP to purchase their groceries and essentials. We are excited that through our partnership with eGrowcery, ordering groceries online is now an option for all Hitchcock’s customers.”

Hitchcock’s Markets continues to see month-over-month increases in e-commerce volume, and Alvarez expects this trend to accelerate with the addition of the EBT SNAP payment option. “By adding SNAP, eGrowcery is helping us grow our digital business and build customer loyalty,” she said.

“Every shopper should be able to order online for store pickup or delivery. Accepting SNAP benefits for digital orders will help our retail partners provide all of their customers with the convenient shopping opportunities they deserve,” said Patrick Hughes, CEO of eGrowcery.

Dash’s Market teams with Rosie

As of last week, Dash’s Market, an independently owned grocery chain with four locations in and around Buffalo, N.Y., also officially began accepting SNAP EBT payments from its customers who shop online at Dash’s Market.

“It is crucial that we offer our customers options for their online shopping experience,” said Alexa Dash, director of eCommerce for the retailer. “The opportunity to offer SNAP online removes financial barriers for families in our community, allowing all individuals to access healthy quality products.”

Dash’s Market has teamed with e-commerce platform Rosie to enable stores to accept SNAP online payments from households that rely on EBT benefits. With the US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition’s (FNS) most recent expansion of the SNAP program to online platforms, this feature will allow recipients to take greater advantage of SNAP EBT payments at their local grocery stores.

“Locally owned and operated grocery stores like Dash’s Market can now compete with large national chains while maintaining their direct relationship with their online guests who have SNAP/EBT benefits,” said Dave Makar, chief customer officer at Rosie. “This new payment method provides an opportunity in the ongoing challenge to help expand food access to those in need.”

He added, “We’ve seen enormous interest in SNAP online payments from independent grocers who know this new software feature provides a direct service to their communities. We’re proud to expand our partnership with USDA to impact millions of SNAP recipients nationwide.”

Dash’s Market is Rosie’s second independent retailer partner to go live accepting SNAP payments online, following Davis Food & Drug in Utah, which launched several weeks ago.