Vibrant Media Adds Cookieless Audience Targeting to Quintesse Line


Vibrant Media, the technology company that addresses the full range of agencies’ and marketers’ contextual data and privacy-safe advertising needs, announced its new suite of cookieless audience targeting solutions.

The company that works with international brands like Audi and Nokia has launched new deterministic and search-intent audience targeting capabilities through its Quintesse platform.

Even with third-party cookies nearing the end of their existence in 2023, the US programmatic digital display ad market will pass the $115-billion mark in 2022. This billion-dollar industry requires new privacy-safe targeting techniques that operate without cookies.

All Vibrant Media solutions begin with a purely contextual approach. The deterministic audiences and search-intent audiences can be used on their own or combined with Vibrant Media’s Curated Brand Marketplaces and custom contextual targeting. These targeting solutions can be activated programmatically today on more than 240 different DSPs.

Deterministic Audience Targeting

With the Quintesse platform, Vibrant Media categorizes all relevant pages available on the global bidstream. The platform sorts pages into more than 740 categories to identify the ideal contextual environments at scale for its advertisers. This in-depth understanding of which topics every page is related to allows the technology to create user maps that can be leveraged for deterministic audience targeting based on interests.

Adhering to local privacy regulations, the Quintesse platform uses a cookieless solution to connect users to the topics they are interested in across all browsers, including mobile apps and connected TV (CTV). The technology matches users to interests based on the number of exposures to a specific category over a specific time period.

For example, a consumer electronics marketer may want to target articles talking about tablets, however, tablet is a broad term that could refer to a pharmaceutical tablet, detergent tablet or a device. Vibrant Media cross matches between custom contextual graphs and predetermined topics to provide marketers with a more precise understanding of which users are most likely to be interested in computer tablets to maximize the engagement with their message.

Search-Intent Audience Targeting

Vibrant Media uses search technology to determine the pages that most closely match a marketers’ specific search keywords. ​The Quintesse platform is able to build a comprehensive map of those pages, identifying the ideal combinations of keywords in the set likely to return the most relevant results.

Consumers who visit multiple tagged pages that are mapped to specific search terms are added to an audience pool. Users are weighted based on the number of pages they visit and the strength of the connection between the page and the search terms.

Vibrant Media creates interest and intent user maps based on the keywords used. Marketers can target these audience pools who have searched for the relevant terms on any page they are visiting after that search, rather than just buying clicks for the specific keyword.

Doug Stevenson, CEO and co-founder of Vibrant Media said, “Advertisers who are preparing for the cookieless future now have the opportunity to get ahead. Our Quintesse platform is the only privacy-safe audience targeting product suite in the market that offers a full omnichannel understanding of the topics that users are most interested in. The sophisticated methodology of our cookieless audience targeting solutions can be seamlessly combined with our custom contextual targeting to ensure your marketing is relevant to your audience without trackers.”