KIOSK and UST to Launch Touchless Vision Checkout Solution


UST has partnered with KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) to create a highly innovative self-service Retail AI Vision Checkout platform. The edge compute infrastructure provides consumers with autonomous 24 X 7 operational store access.

The touchless checkout solution includes both voice and gesture-based UI checkout interaction alternatives, combined with flexible payment options (QR code-based payments, app wallets, contactless cards, or cash). The solution will be demonstrated in KIOSK’s booth and featured as part of the NRF Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Integration & Personalization Tour.

“Vision Checkout is part of our overall portfolio of Frictionless Solutions; we know one size does not fit all, hence we are the first to introduce HYBRID Autonomous Store where part of the store is fully autonomous, and part of the store (large assortment) is handled through UST Vision Checkout. The benefit we bring with this technology is the capability to efficiently build a store chain database of vision checkout, which can then be deployed to multiple locations simultaneously. The Vision Checkout solution is an out-of-the-box platform. The store’s SKU listings are trained using UST Product Box. Edge-tuned AI engines can detect objects with less than three second transaction times. It provides customers with a simple, intelligent, and autonomous self-checkout experience utilizing cutting edge technologies including touchless UI on a reliable digital kiosk. By implementing UST Vision Checkout, customers can experience positive ROI from day one,” said Subhodip Bandyopadhyay, General Manager- Emerging Technology Solutions, UST.

Kim Kenney, President, KIOSK added, “As North America’s leader in custom self-service innovation, we’re proud to be a key partner in this effort to bring a truly re-imagined customer self-checkout experience to market. This platform merges UST’s advanced AI vision checkout software with the Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Units hardware technology. With KIOSK’s expertise in custom design and IoT remote monitoring of field performance capability, the solution truly marries the best of technology to provide a reliable and scalable solution with compelling and differentiated ways to meet today’s consumer challenges.”

UST Vision Checkout is built in partnership with Intel and hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud.