LiveRamp Enables Identity And Advanced Activation In Snowflake


LiveRamp will allow joint customers to easily activate hundreds of marketing and media destinations directly from Snowflake.

LiveRamp announced that it has expanded its partnership with Snowflake, the data cloud company, to upgrade its product capabilities built natively on Snowflake and increase data connectivity for next-generation, post-cookie marketing in the cloud. 

By building LiveRamp’s data activation solutions using Snowflake’s Native Application Framework, currently in private preview, along with easy-to-use marketer-friendly user interfaces, LiveRamp will allow joint customers to easily activate hundreds of marketing and media destinations directly from Snowflake.

LiveRamp and Snowflake’s growing partnership offers a scalable data solution in the cloud that supports evolving data privacy regulations and reduces latency to near real-time. By building its product on Snowflake, LiveRamp offers clients a way to leverage LiveRamp’s people-based identifier, RampID, to deliver data-driven media activations more quickly, effectively and safely than with hashed emails.

Brands using Snowflake can now easily integrate LiveRamp’s identity resolution, partner destinations, and audience activation network without ever leaving their Snowflake environment. Key benefits from the expanded partnership will include:

  • Accelerated and enhanced identity match and identity resolution services on Snowflake enable marketers to process and unify larger volumes of data from a greater number of sources—including the open web, CRMs, CDPs and more—and dynamically resolve more data streams while protecting personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Audience activation with enhanced accuracy, connectivity and scale to reach LiveRamp’s hundreds of partners across key channels, including CTV, social platforms, display, retail media, and mobile publishers through LiveRamp’s direct integrations and Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS), a widely adopted standard used by publishers and brands globally.
  • Marketer-specific user interfaces allow all teams to easily manage their audience segments directly in Snowflake in a fully self-service capacity, helping to bridge the management of cloud activities between tech personas and their marketing counterparts.

The next generation of LiveRamp capabilities, delivered via the Powered by Snowflake program, enhances services offered in Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud and clean room infrastructure, which are designed to allow brands to power data collaboration with partners across channels and enhance existing solutions like CDPs or business intelligence hubs with greater accuracy and data connectivity.

“Bringing more of LiveRamp’s core capabilities to Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud is an important step in progressing our shared commitment to enhance cloud connections for brands and their partners,” added Kimberly Bloomston, SVP of Product at LiveRamp. “By introducing LiveRamp activation into Snowflake, brands can extend data connectivity to a whole new realm of partners, wherever they are, and all from within the client’s own Snowflake account. Together, LiveRamp and Snowflake are streamlining the ability for brands to extract maximum value from their data, cloud investment and marketing outcomes, all while protecting consumer privacy.”

“This partnership further strengthens Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud ecosystem and enables brands and businesses to leverage LiveRamp’s identity and activation solutions without data ever leaving their Snowflake environment,” said Bill Stratton, Global Head of Media, Entertainment and Advertising at Snowflake. “We’re giving brands and their partners the tools, data, and speed they need to usher in a new era for advertising that is data driven and privacy-first.”