Molslinjen Moves Closer To Its Customers With Agillic And Tealium


Denmark’s largest domestic ferry company Molslinjen has chosen a best-of-breed solution with Agillic and Tealium to turn its first-party data into actionable marketing communications. The new tech stack will enable Molslinjen to leverage its existing operations into increased revenue.

Molslinjen offers six ferry services between Sweden, Germany, Jutland, Zealand and the Danish islands, with 8,5 million annual passengers and four of the largest catamaran ferries in the world. Molslinjen has chosen Agillic with the goal of driving a customer-centric approach towards the overall improvement of its customer experience.

The company leverages several owned channels such as email, SMS, app and web and has a significant amount of transactional data from ticket purchases. Making its data actionable will play a pivotal role in Molslinjen’s successful omnichannel execution by enabling it to understand and get closer to its customers.

This is another win that Agillic has made alongside Tealium. The two platforms’ comprehensive connector allows Molslinjen to create and execute highly personalized communication based on data from different sources, with high deliverability assured. This is especially key in the transport business, where messages regarding departures, delays and other updates need to be delivered in real-time. In addition, Molslinjen can also send upsell messaging, such as communicating about meal deals, shopping opportunities, and even future trips.

“Molslinjen connects Denmark – and we are thrilled to help it connect to it’s customers. It’s got all the pieces it needs – first party data, owned media channels – and now, together with Tealium, we will help it put the pieces together to facilitate a better customer experience,” said Agillic’s CCO, Bo Sannung

“We are on a growth journey and adding Tealium and Agillic to our tech stack is key to improving customer experience and boosting revenue. With Knowit Experience and Web2Media as our implementation partners, we are already well on our way towards harnessing the power of these great tools,” said Molslinjens CMO, Birgitte Kold Ingwersen: