Nielsen Unveils Nielsen ONE Alpha, Enabling End-to-End Ad Campaign Measurement


Next-generation capabilities, such as advanced audiences and outcomes measurement, will deliver a single view of an audience who saw a campaign and the actions taken by consumers.

Nielsen revealed the next phase of its Nielsen ONE Alpha cross-platform measurement solution that brings together the power of audience measurement with advanced audience and outcomes measurement to support an ad campaign from end-to-end. These added capabilities will provide an unparalleled view of the audience at each step of the media journey: from the audience who saw an ad campaign to how the campaign was delivered to niche audiences and the actions those audiences took as a result of seeing the campaign. These insights, including impressions, reach and frequency against advanced audiences, and outcomes measurement indicators such as ROI and effectiveness, enable advertisers and agencies to optimize and inform future campaigns and investments.

The inclusion of advanced audiences and outcomes measurement into Nielsen ONE Alpha will help deliver a single view of the audience who saw a campaign, along with the outcomes of that campaign, which includes sales and other actions a consumer may have taken. For example, if an automotive advertiser launches an ad campaign for a new vehicle and the target audience is competitive brand purchasers, the advertiser will be able to see the reach and frequency of the campaign among those segments. Alongside that data, the advertiser can see how effective the campaign was at delivering outcomes.

“We continue to make tremendous progress to bring cross-platform metrics to market by the end of this year, following the initial launch of Nielsen ONE Alpha.  And we continue to innovate our solution to add more features while bringing in additional metrics that matter most to marketers,” said Karthik Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Nielsen. “By previewing advanced audiences and outcomes measurement alongside reach and frequency metrics, we are helping marketers with a next-generation solution where they will be able to better understand the value of the investments they are making, the targeted audiences they’re reaching, and the actions being taken in a single view.” 

The inclusion of advanced audiences will initially integrate Polk automotive audience segments by S&P Global Mobility, followed by additional groups and audiences, including client first-party segments. The first iteration of outcomes will reflect attribution metrics for consumer packaged goods, soon to be followed by automotive campaigns. Nielsen will continue to review these additional features with the industry to ensure it delivers a powerful solution for advertisers and agencies.  

Nielsen ONE Alpha, which offers deduplicated cross-platform ad measurement, will have general availability at the end of this year. These new features will remain in alpha form upon introduction into the user interface in 2023.