ON24 Introduces ON24 Forums For Interactive Experiences


ON24 introduced ON24 Forums, a new live engagement experience for sales and marketing to drive high-touch, interactive moderated discussions that deepen audience participation.

ON24 Forums allows organizations to bring together high-valued attendees for face-to-face, two-way video group networking and conversations. With the addition of ON24 Forums as part of the ON24 Platform, customers have another way to create and scale fully branded, customized digital experiences that capture rich first-person insights.

“We continue to accelerate our pace of innovation so customers can deliver a variety of unique digital experiences that meet their buyers’ evolving expectations for how they want to engage,” said Sharat Sharan, founder and CEO at ON24. “ON24 Forums builds upon our vision to be a one-stop sales and marketing platform for digital engagement, providing a new way to moderate meaningful, interactive discussions and drive immediate action with audiences.”

Virtual events can often feel like one-off online meetings that limit audience engagement, produce chaotic conversations, and generate little to no data for sales teams. ON24 Forums enables B2B organizations to move beyond simple online meetings with interactive roundtables and training that deliver professional presentations, keep audiences engaged, and provide detailed first-person data and analytics on attendee interactions for sales follow-up.

With ON24 Forums, customers can expand the type of ON24 digital experiences they produce and deliver a consistent, branded, and professional look and feel, including:

  • Executive engagement – host executive briefing centers and roundtables to showcase product offerings and provide hands-on demonstrations

  • Focus groups – bring together user groups and customer advisory boards to get instant feedback and guide market research

  • Expert-led training – easily deliver curriculum and moderate group discussions to increase the reach and effectiveness of certification programs

  • Open enrollment – educate employees about benefits and services, improve internal awareness and drive immediate sign-ups

Like all ON24 solutions, ON24 Forums allow sales and marketing to unlock deep first-person insights. Immerse attendees in interactive discussions and use more than 25 engagement and conversion tools to drive participation and keep their attention. Easily find “hand-raisers” in the audience to encourage sign-ups directly within the event. With ON24, get a unified view of audience behavior, interests, and actions across every experience and integrate data with other business systems.