Pos Malaysia Enhances Its CX Program With Qualtrics


The customer experience in any industry is a prerogative for organizations today. Be it eCommerce, logistics, travel, or government services, an unpleasant CX can not only lead to a drop in reputation but also lose out to competitors with better CX platforms.

In the logistics industry, there are a variety of delivery platforms available for both enterprises and consumers. Apart from price, most of these platforms are picked based on users’ experience. In some cases, the price is secondary as customers focus more on the experience and service provided by the brand.

In Malaysia, the logistics industry is as competitive as it can be. The increasing demand for better and faster delivery services has seen a huge growth in new delivery startups in the market.

As most of these startups are cloud-native, they can design a platform that prioritizes the CX. On the other hand, most established delivery companies would still need to look into their existing systems to find the best way to improve their digital services and offerings and focus on the CX.

As organizations across Malaysia race to respond to evolving consumer needs in the country, driven by the pandemic, rise of the digital economy, and new payment technologies, Pos Malaysia Berhad has selected Qualtrics CustomerXM and Kantar to guide and accelerate its ongoing digital transformation aimed at improving the way customers connect with the company and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Using Qualtrics, the national postal service provider is standardizing its CX platforms to create a single program helping it to listen, understand, and act on customer feedback captured across all touchpoints and channels. This will allow Pos Malaysia to identify and respond to customer needs across the group, including a network of 900+ branches, 11 subsidiaries, and digital channels rapidly and meaningfully.

What makes it more interesting is that Pos Malaysia will finally manage its entire CX program through a single system. This will provide the group with continuous real-time visibility into current and emerging issues and opportunities to improve the experiences. The postal service provider will also be able to rapidly segment data with Qualtrics, helping the organization better understand individual needs by geography, demographic, channel, and engagement.

Pos Malaysia’s new customer and brand experience program will be implemented in partnership with Qualtrics Partner Network member Kantar, which provides delivery and advisory services along with the brand and CX elements.

According to Sumesh Rahavendra, Group Chief Transformation & Digital Officer, Pos Malaysia, the CX program is part of the group’s digital roadmap to redesign its customer journey completely.

For Mao Gen Foo, Head of Southeast Asia at Qualtrics, the digital transformation underway across Southeast Asia is an opportunity for businesses and governments to cultivate greater trust, loyalty, and satisfaction among their customers and employees. Foo pointed out that poor customer experiences are costing businesses across Malaysia up to US$ 35 billion annually.

“In these new environments, organizations like Pos Malaysia are well placed to succeed by regularly tapping into in-depth insights that help them deliver personalized and seamless CX at scale,” said Mao Gen Foo, Head of Southeast Asia at Qualtrics.

Apart from improving its CX, Pos Malaysia also recently inked a memorandum of agreement with Saito University College to accelerate the logistic industry and create more professionals in the sector through integrated learning opportunities.