Rokt Partners With BlendJet


Direct-to-Consumer Blender Brand Taking Advantage of Rokt’s Shopify App to Drive Additional Revenue and Relevancy

Rokt, the ecommerce technology using machine learning to make transactions more relevant to each shopper, announced its partnership with BlendJet. The brand uses Rokt’s Ecommerce Shopify app to unlock new revenues and personalize the online shopping experience by presenting highly relevant offers to each shopper when their purchase is confirmed.

“We are pleased to partner with BlendJet to offer them all the benefits of our new Shopify app,” said Mike Griffin, SVP, Strategic Partnerships, at Rokt. “Large enterprises have been using our technology to tap incremental profits and make the ecommerce experience more relevant to their customers for years, but by integrating with Shopify, we’re now empowering all merchants that sell on the platform—no matter their size or growth stage—to drive additional sales and increase engagement. The integration also ensures that SMBs and independent merchants can retain complete control of their brand look-and-feel and user experience while generating new revenues.”

“Our ecommerce store has a distinctive look-and-feel that we’ve carefully crafted and it’s important for us to be able to maintain that whenever we implement new technologies,” said Ryan Pamplin, CEO of BlendJet. “By partnering with Rokt, we’ve been able to optimize our customer experience and tap a new source of profits with zero disruption to our branding. We fully integrated Rokt’s Ecommerce solution through the Shopify app in just a few minutes and have been extremely pleased with the increased engagement and sales we’ve seen, including generating $462,000 in pure profit for every 1 million transactions and a 16% engagement rate.”

Rokt helps merchants tap additional revenues, acquire customers at scale and deepen relationships with existing ones by using machine learning to present highly relevant offers to each shopper in the final stages of an ecommerce transaction, when they are most likely to convert. Merchants selling on Shopify can now install Rokt’s Ecommerce app for free and go live within minutes to generate incremental revenues on their confirmation pages while ensuring their ecommerce experience is tailored to each customer.

With intelligence powered by 5 billion transactions across hundreds of leading ecommerce businesses, Rokt’s exclusive, closed marketplace allows brands to create a seamless customer experience while also controlling the types of offers eligible to be displayed to their customers. Businesses partnering with Rokt have been able to unlock additional profit upwards of $.30 per transaction by tailoring high-performing, relevant experiences to each individual, from cart to confirmation.