Sabio Expands Partnership With Google Cloud & Twilio


The new Sabio connector solution enables businesses to use the programmability of Twilio Flex to optimize their customer and contact centre agent experience

Sabio Group announced that it has expanded its partnerships with Google Cloud and Twilio by building a new solution to rapidly deploy Google Cloud Contact Centre AI (CCAI) across the Twilio Flex platform. The new Sabio connector solution enables businesses to use the programmability of Twilio Flex to optimize their customer and contact centre agent experience, with conversational virtual agents powered by Google Cloud’s Dialogflow CX, Agent Assist, and CCAI insights.

“At Sabio, we’re proud to be recognised as one of Google Cloud’s leading contact centre AI specialists in Europe. Our customer base is filled with organizations that we’ve helped benefit from Google Cloud CCAI. Throughout our partnership, we’ve enabled organizations to automate or deflect voice interactions, improve first call resolution and assist call centre agents with suggested responses, real-time knowledge suggestions, auto-population of content and auto-summarisation of calls. We have been developing our own products around Twilio’s Programmable Voice combined with Google Cloud CCAI for the last two years and are excited to expand these capabilities to Twilio Flex. Our native integrations with Google Cloud provide customers with instant access to a world-leading conversation AI platform. It is a testament to both the expertise and knowledge we possess internally around Twilio and Google Cloud technologies and capabilities, particularly relating to Google Cloud CCAI,” said Stuart Dorman, Chief Innovation Officer, Sabio. 

The new Google Cloud Contact Center AI Platform complements the search engine company’s existing Contact Center AI capabilities and includes:

  • AI-powered intelligence for contact deflection, predictive routing and agent productivity.
  • Channel blending support multimodal engagement across apps, digital touchpoints and modalities (mobile applications, website, phone, email, SMS over IVR and chat) with preserved context between touchpoints.
  • Customer data is unified on the existing system of record (CRM) for data minimization on the contact centre platform.
  • Delivered on Google Cloud Platform, the platform auto-scales on the backend, testing 100,000 concurrent users on a single tenant.

The Contact Center AI Platform was created based on data-driven insights from customers and the retail sector as a whole. It combines the best of omnichannel, multi-experience, privacy, mobile-first, etc. with the best of Google AI and Google’s full-stack of solutions for contact center clients, such as Google Workspace, Chrome OS, and Chrome endpoints. It was introduced as a collection of building pieces that Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) partners could use to deliver AI-powered innovation to the contact center industry. Now, in response to strong demand from Google customers and the wider industry, Google Cloud is offering Contact Center AI Platform to allow companies to build their own CCaaS platform on CCAI.