Talkdesk Mobile Apps To Aid Contact Centers


Talkdesk empowers mobile workforces with more tools and control over the delivery of high-quality customer experiences

Talkdesk introduced new apps for the Talkdesk On The Go suite of intelligent, intuitive mobile solutions: Talkdesk Phone Mobile App and Talkdesk Schedule Mobile App. Together with the previously announced Talkdesk Conversations Mobile App, these latest innovations help contact center agents handle customer conversations, collaborate with peers, and manage schedules more effectively from anywhere at any time.

According to research from Talkdesk AppConnect partner Calabrio, one in three contact center agents plan to quit their job within a year. Many also cite wanting greater flexibility to work when and where they choose. The new Talkdesk On The Go apps addresses these demands by putting the power of Talkdesk CX Cloud, in the palm of agents’ hands and Talkdesk Phone in the hands of the entire organization.

The Talkdesk Phone Mobile App allows employees to connect from anywhere on their mobile device using a modern cloud business phone system. Teams are empowered to connect and collaborate with each other, receive and make calls anywhere in the world, and connect with agents as subject matter experts to resolve complex customer issues faster, building a culture of customer obsession. Schedule Mobile App provides contact center agents with 24/7 on-the-go access to their scheduled shifts directly on their mobile devices. Teams can manage their working hours at any time and ensure they always have the information they need to adhere to the right shifts and activities.

“Talkdesk Phone and Talkdesk Schedule Mobile Apps represent significant advancements to our mobile strategy. They enable highly focused user experiences to help customer service agents be more productive, tightly connected, and have a better employee experience, whether they’re working at home or in the field. Talkdesk wants to ensure that contact centres can deliver exceptional customer experience in the age of the hybrid contact center, and we’ll continue to deliver new innovations to the Talkdesk On The Go suite,” said Charanya Kannan, Chief Product And Engineering Officer, Talkdesk. 

The Talkdesk On The Go suite additionally brings the flexibility and ease-of-use of Talkdesk Workspace to the mobile experience, offering organizations and agents a more intuitive experience. Talkdesk On The Go apps are also secured through single sign-on authentication (SSO), ensuring strong password protocols are always followed and the agent login process is seamless.