Salesforce Launches AppExchange Homepage With Easy App Discovery


The homepage is the first in a series of planned innovations to make it easier for customers to find the right apps, experts, and content on AppExchange

Salesforce recently announced a new, intelligent AppExchange homepage experience that makes it easier than ever for customers to discover relevant apps, experts, and content.

The new AppExchange homepage builds on this legacy by offering unique, data-driven experiences made increasingly powerful by each customer’s Trailblazer ID – a single identity that provides a unified login experience across Salesforce properties like AppExchange, Trailhead, and Salesforce Help. Recommendations on the new homepage are personalized and curated based on user preferences, search history, industry, and more.

The new homepage also offers insights based on a customer’s Salesforce history. For example, if a customer uses or has shown interest in Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Tableau Analytics, their AppExchange homepage will curate apps that integrate with those specific products – extending their Customer 360 experience further. It enables customers to find specific types of apps easily through the Top Categories area without scrolling. For example, if a customer comes to AppExchange looking for Human Resources apps, they will now be able to use Top Categories to find them along with other popular categories.

Customers can also learn about apps quickly through new, digestible listing summaries featured on the AppExchange homepage that help determine if an app matches a business need. Category indicators provide more context on the listing summary, as well, as helping customers to refine their search further.

The new digestible listing summaries also feature the AppExchange Chat icon for relevant listings. This icon indicates that the listing has live-chat functionality, enabling customers to connect directly with partners to learn more in real-time. The page surfaces relevant customer case studies that showcase digital transformation across industries and organizations.

Salesforce AppExchange has long served as the hub of the Salesforce ecosystem, connecting customers to more than 7,000 pre-built partner apps and certified consultants that extend Salesforce across all products and industries. In fact, 91% of Salesforce customers use AppExchange apps – and customers have installed these apps more than 10 million times.