The Trade Desk and LiveRamp Bring New Privacy-First Interoperable ID Solution


The Trade Desk and LiveRamp announced that they plan to collaborate with key European market leaders on the development and deployment of European Unified ID (EUID), a new privacy-conscious identity solution for the European advertising market.

Based on Unified ID 2.0, the new identifier will account for specific market requirements in Europe and the U.K., including GDPR regulations and consent framework limitations. As part of this initiative, the two companies also plan to enable bidding on RampID, LiveRamp’s privacy-first, people-based identifier, within The Trade Desk in Europe.

The Trade Desk will lead the creation of EUID. LiveRamp will provide the essential infrastructure to bring the new Europe-specific identifier to market via its Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS).

“The future of the open internet requires us to develop new identity solutions that preserve the value exchange of relevant advertising for free content. At the same time, we recognize that in a global market, there are many regional variations and priorities,” said Jeff Green, co-founder and CEO, The Trade Desk. “We are confident that EUID will meet the demands of advertisers, publishers, consumers and regulators in Europe.”

As part of this initiative, The Trade Desk and LiveRamp will work together to define robust technical standards and enable functionality that complies with local and regional regulations, building on the work both companies have already done towards restoring consumer trust and transparency in advertising. LiveRamp will also make its RampID interoperable with EUID and enable LiveRamp clients to send both EUID and RampID to The Trade Desk for activation.

“Over the last several years, we’ve been able to rapidly scale our business across Europe thanks in part to the continued adoption of our Authenticated Traffic Solution, which is built on the sturdy foundation of RampID,” said Scott Howe, CEO, LiveRamp. “That puts us in a unique position to spearhead this new initiative with The Trade Desk to support a sustainable, open and free internet worldwide.”

This expansion into Europe is an extension of The Trade Desk and LiveRamp’s existing partnership in the U.S., announced back in 2020. Marketers today can buy on RampID and Unified ID 2.0 within The Trade Desk’s platform, enabling them to connect their data to meaningful consumer experiences across display, mobile, in-app and CTV.

The announcement was made at LiveRamp’s RampUp event in San Francisco, California.