Twitter and IAS to Offer Advertisers with Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement


With tweet-level analysis, advertisers can now better understand the content that appears adjacent to their ads on Twitter

Integral Ad Science and Twitter, Inc. announced the launch of third-party brand safety and suitability measurement on Twitter in the US. With Tweet-level analysis, advertisers can better understand the content adjacent to their ads on Twitter’s feed.

“IAS is excited to provide our customers with Tweet-level insights designed to deliver greater transparency into their Twitter campaigns and measurement aligned with industry standards for brand safety and suitability,” said Craig Ziegler, Senior Vice President, Product Management of Integral Ad Science.

This significant advancement now provides Twitter advertisers with reporting aligned with Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) brand safety and suitability risk categories. For broader analytics, advertisers can access campaign-level reporting for overall metrics.

“Twitter is committed to promoting a safe advertising experience for people and brands, and this commitment has never been stronger. We’re bringing more brand safety solutions to market than ever, and we’re excited for IAS to roll out this third-party reporting solution,” said AJ Brown, Brand Safety Head at Twitter. “Independent validation of the context in which ads serve according to GARM industry standards is incredibly important to our customers and us.”