VocalChimp.Com Launches Human Voice Over Creator


VocalChimp has introduced a text-to-speech platform for creators of marketing animation videos, video projects, sales presentations, and other voice-driven projects using the latest artificial intelligence.

The platform has more than1,000 languages and dialects in both male and female voices. VocalChimp also translates the voiceovers into more than 40 languages.

To create the voices, users simply enter text/script, chooses the language, country and voice, and the system creates the voice-over. The subscriber can customize the output for other languages, male or female voices, speed modulation, and other features.

“This platform is the most comprehensive artificial intelligence voice-over creator out there. Anyone who needs a voice-over for any project should try the system for free at VocalChimp.com,” said Jonathan Bomser, co-founder of VocalChimp, in a statement. “Our goal was to create the most real-sounding human voice-overs at an affordable price for marketing, video, or animation project creators.”