Drip Acquires Sleeknote For Unified CX In eCommerce


The acquisition will expand Drip’s global presence and accelerate product leadership of its eCommerce marketing automation platform

Drip announced its acquisition of Sleeknote, a cloud-based provider of forms and on-site engagement tools.

Sleeknote helps businesses capture customer data such as email addresses, SMS numbers and consumer preferences when they visit a brand’s website.  This information – called zero party data – informs and powers relevant, personalize marketing communications enabled by Drip’s marketing automation platform.  Combining these two companies and products will unify the customer experience across a brand’s marketing channels; website, email and SMS.

“Today’s brands recognise that acquiring and intelligently using zero-party customer data is the key to scalable, sustainable growth. Skyrocketing customer acquisition costs through paid media channels forces brands to optimise every site visit.  And increasing privacy restrictions from Apple and Google are forcing brands to quickly understand who their customer is and use that knowledge to build brand affinity. Sleeknote’s high performing forms and onsite conversion tools for upsells, cross-sells, and promotions have been used by thousands of customers across the world, capturing data on more than 7 billion visitors in the past year alone,” Tedesco continued. “By bringing their tools directly into the Drip platform, brands will be able to own their customer data and personalize the customer experience across channels,” said John Tedesco, Drip CEO.

Based in Denmark, Sleeknote’s operations will become the base for Drip’s European operations, which will see continued expansion. The combined entity will have 150 employees serving more than 10,000 brands in over 100 countries.